Friday, December 31, 2004

Questions bouncing around in my head

What can be said about the tsunami? While millions of words have already been written, none can truly describe the way the world's heart was wrenched on December 26th.

Politics aside, the world has responded to this tragedy. I sent my Christmas money to The American Red Cross International Response Fund, as have many other people, to the tune of $18 million in the first three days.

I have been glued to the internet, seeking out information while praying for the lost souls and for the survivors. Perhaps I have missed something - we don't have a television after all - but apart from Linkin Park, I have yet to read of any "celebrity response" to this tragedy. We're all human, and we all do what we can. But after September 11th, Hollywood's "best and brightest" came out in droves - humbly, mind you - to donate their time and talent to the fundraising extravaganza. The number of victims in this tragedy is exponentially higher, but Hollywood seems silent. Why? Is it because this happened "over there?" Is it because the victims were predominantly poor brown people who never had a pot to **** in to begin with?

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Somebody's going to be peeling a lot of potatoes

Good for Specialist Thomas Wilson of the Tennessee Army National Guard. He asked The Dark Lord The SecDef a hardball question about the lack of armor for their humvees.

The SecDef told the troops,
"You can have all the armour in the world on a tank and a tank can (still) be blown up."

Such an astute and reassuring observation from a chicken hawk. Perhaps he'd like to try his hand at Macgyvering a humvee and then taking it for a spin across the desert.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Good Karma

The couple who created Garden of Angels, a cemetary for abandoned, nameless infants, has won a $27M lotto windfall.
They plan to use the jackpot to create a scholarship in the name of every child buried in the garden of angels.

There's always a buck to be made ..

even when the idea is SO not original!
Smart American wanderers have been sewing maple leaves onto their backpacks for years.
For a more authentic look, add a Tim Horton's travel mug to your ensemble.
Hmmmm ... perhaps I have an ebay business opportunity here!

Friday, December 03, 2004

Well, of course I am!!!

Canada: "

You're Canada!

People make fun of you a lot, but they're stupid because you've
got a much better life than they do.  In fact, they're probably just jealous.
 You believe in crazy things like human rights and health care and not
dying in the streets, and you end up securing these rights for yourself and
others.  If it weren't for your weird affection for ice hockey, you'd be
the perfect person.

the Country Quiz at the href=''>Blue Pyramid


Hat tip to Venomous Kate