Wednesday, March 31, 2010

When all else fails, compose a haiku

Planted rosebushes,
lavender, and pansies while
the birds sang for me

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What a day, what a day!

I'll preface this entry by stating up front that I really didn't have a dog in this fight. As the spouse of a retired Army NCO, I have access to excellent health care at a very low price. If that option disappeared, I could pack up and move my family to Canada, where I could easily dust off my Ontario RN license and go back to work. In other words, we're covered, no matter what.

But millions of hard working people in one of the greatest countries on the planet have been denied the benefits that I have enjoyed. These benefits came to me simply by virtue of my place of birth and, subsequently, my choice of a husband who happened to be serving in the US Army. I am not special. I am not better than the millions of hitherto uninsured American citizens and legal resident aliens who share this land with me.

In another corner of cyberspace, I was actually accused of being selfish for praising the work of the American Nurses' Association in ensuring that our profession's voice was heard during the health care debate. I was slammed for applauding the notion that, effective this fiscal year, federal funding will be allocated to increase the number of primary care providers, including nurses. Because these parts of health care reform which pertain to the profession of Nursing are intended to address the critical shortage of nurses and the dearth of spots available in our nation's nursing schools .. somehow that makes me selfish? Really? How does one even address such a toxic attitude?

Meh. Maybe the cyberspace lunatic, and the rest of the hysterical wingnuts out there, are right. Maybe I am selfish for wanting to be able to actually take a few of the vacation days that I have earned over the years. Maybe I am selfish for rejoicing in the fact that some day, I will no longer have to watch a patient be discharged because a bean-counter from an insurance company has decreed that they have received enough health care, even though the health care professionals who are actually taking care of that human being have a different opinion. Maybe I am selfish for thinking that someday, I might retire, knowing that there will be a new generation of nurses to whom I will pass the torch.

What. Ever. Despite the screeching histrionics and the ridiculous posturing by various State Attorney Generals, President Obama signed the bill into law today. And, if I may be so superficial .. My God, but that stone fox is Presidential, is he not?

This is a great day. Welcome to the 21st century, America! Enjoy it in good health!

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