Thursday, September 23, 2004

Stop throwing good money after bad!!

The antiquated backup generators at Kingston General Hospital failed. Again. The practical upshoot of this problem is that long-awaited surgeries were cancelled yesterday.

KGH reminds me of The Weasley's house in Chamber of Secrets. Addition after addition after addition has been built, turning it into a labyrinth. Even the most recent addition, the Kidd Wing, is a convoluted and confusing beast. But hey, the carpets are pretty, and the wallpaper is nice. Too bad about that smell.

Here's one reason that the cherished Canadian Health Care system is falling apart. They keep throwing good money after bad. KGH wanted $25 million to repair the electrical system???? For that kind of money, they should be building a new facility. I propose that the new KGH be .. let's call it linear, for simplicity's sake. No more running around in circles. No more carpet!!! No more uneven floors!!

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