Friday, May 25, 2007

My favourite politician!

Phyllis Morris is my new hero.

The mayor of Aurora, Ontario, is pushing the Government of Ontario to designate clothesline a service or technology under the Energy Conservation Leadership Act. In so doing, Ontarians could override subdivision property agreements that prevent homeowners from hanging their laundry out to dry.

Predictably, there are some who complain that clotheslines are unsightly. Aurora resident Will Cordingley said, "All you'd see is laundry — if everybody had one across here, that's all you would see."

I wonder if Mr. Cordingley has ever done a load of laundry in his life. But I digress...

Pop quiz: Which of the following is unsightly?

My laundry, or ..

The smog which obscures the not-so-distant hills?

Three cheers for Phyllis Morris!

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Anonymous said...

Mr Cordingley sounds like one of the city people who sold his house in the big city, came to the county and decided to bring the city with him. We have people here in Prince Edward County who think that wind mills are evil, but hydro towers are ok .