Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I see that there is a class action suit against the makers of Airborne. Airborne is getting dinged, to the tune of $23.3 million dollars, for false advertising.

I'm a little distressed by this development. I am a serious devotee of Airborne, and have turned several of my coworkers onto this marvelous product as well. Touch wood, but I haven't had a serious cold in over two years. As an asthmatic, my lungs are my weak point. A cold can quickly become bronchitis or pneumonia, neither of which I can afford. Popping an Airborne at the first sniffle seems to be effective for me.

I do hope that this lawsuit does not sound the death knell for Airborne, because I have no intention of giving it up!


Patti said...

Time to stock up maybe.

Valerie said...

Have you ever used a 'Neti Pot' for nasal irrigation? I'm thinking about getting one.