Thursday, December 04, 2008

Oh, Canada!!!

Hold on to your toques! The week in Canadian politics has been fascinating, to say the least. Yes, I just typed "fascinating" and "Canadian politics" in the same sentence. Does anyone else have whiplash right now?

One of the best explanations I've read for the machinations in the Great White North can be found in, of all places, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's knitting blog, the Yarn Harlot. As one commenter said, Canada's Constitutional Monarchy and Parliamentary Democracy is, at once an incredibly complex and yet frighteningly logical system.

Newfie satirist Rick Mercer has an excellent take on the situation immediately prior to the prorogation of Parliament. Say that three times quickly!

I'm looking forward to hearing my brother's take on this turn of events. (hint hint!)

Incidentally, if anyone who knows me in real life is stumped in terms of what to get me for Christmas, I've put some of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's books on my Amazon wish list. (hint hint hint!)

Hang on tight, my fellow Canucks. It's going to be a bumpy toboggan ride for the next little while.


Brooks Family said...

I love it that you are teaching about Canadian politics from the blog of a knitter! I suppose if you can navigate your way through a Philosopher's Wool or Debbie Bliss fair isle sweater, you might be up to tackle the inter workings of Parliament Hill..

Valerie said...

Great post, Rose!!