Saturday, September 05, 2009

The last golden days of summer

The hummingbirds have been a constant presence this summer,

dashing about, then resting in the spruce tree outside my window,

always taking my breath away, with their delicate beauty and ferocious strength.

But the Full Corn Moon announces that summer, and the hummingbirds, will leave us soon,

And fill our lives with a different kind of brightness.


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Peacepoet said...

How do you get your camera to take a picture of the moon? Everytime I try it fails miserably.

Rose said...

Hi Peacepoet! To get that picture, I had my camera sitting on the patio wall. (The same wall that the glass of wine sits on in the picture a few posts up.) I use the "P" setting on my camera, and hold my breath while the camera does its magic.

~Val~ said...