Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Look who just hopped by!

Nothing like a toad gray tree frog with an attitude! His name is Tony. You got a problem wid dat?

Update: The rough skin led me to believe that this was a toad. My 13 year old gently corrected me, pointing out that toads can't hop more than an inch, and this little amphibian leapt a good 15 inches from the picnic table to the patio wall. A quick consultation with Professor Google confirmed that this is, in fact, a Hyla versicolor. It's a good thing that William is home schooled, or I'd never learn anything!


patti said...

Oh. He's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Look at the "Suction Cups" on his toes. I do not think toads are so equiped. At least not the common American Toad nor Fowlers Toad.

Rose said...

Yes, this is definitely a gray tree frog.