Monday, July 17, 2006

Greetings From Sunny Maryland

Gentle reader, please forgive the recent dearth of blog entries. Things have been rather hectic. Last week, my husband FINALLY (!!!!) got a referral to the Neurology Department at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. So, tonight, we are safely ensconced in the air conditioned comfort of the Courtyard Marriott in Silver Spring, Maryland, just a short bus ride north of the hospital.
We are right across the street from a Whole Foods Market, from which I gleaned a wonderful picnic dinner for my family. It's all part of my "turning lemons into lemonade" strategy. Most of the elements of the big picture are beyond my control, but by hook or by crook, that which is within my sphere of influence will be pleasant, goddammit.
And now, in the grand Army tradition of "Hurry Up and Wait" .. we wait. Please send warm thoughts, white light, prayers, or good wishes our way.


Jeff Dem said...

The whole "Rose" family is being wished well by dangerdemocrats.

Anonymous said...

best wishes and prayers for your family. i really enjoy your posts thanks

Anonymous said...

Sending all prayers and good thoughts to you all!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you and your wonderful family
Jamie Lea

Donna Wiedeburg said...

What a fun and inspiring blog. Thank you for brightening my day!