Monday, July 03, 2006

Pizza recipe, revised for the summer

Inspired by the cover picture on the June issue of Canadian Living, I made pizza on our new gas grill tonight.


I made a simple crust in the bread machine while Steve and I assembled the new gas grill. I cut the dough into 4 pieces, flattened each segment into a nice oval, then slathered them with olive oil. I grilled the dough on medium heat (although low heat would have produced a less rustic crust), flipping it once. I slathered each piece with Dinosaur BBQ Honey-Garlic sauce, then tossed some mozzarella and diced tomatoes and vidalia onions on the crusts.

Yeah, it was as good as you think it was.

You're jealous, aren't you?


Valerie said...

Yes, I am jealous! It sounds absolutely delicious!! Make me some next time I see you, please?!

Gwen Gwen said...

sounds delicious aunty rose!!!