Monday, September 11, 2006



Today I learned that a sprained ankle hurts like a sumbitch!

I wish I had an exciting story to go along with the injury. Alas, it occurred when I set my foot down the wrong way at the bottom of the basement stairs. I really thought I had broken a few metatarsals again, but the x-ray showed only minor soft tissue damage.

Today, I also learned that for the past 20 years, I have been incorrect in the assessment of my height. I had always believed that I was 4'11", which is what I told the nurse who was setting up my pediatric crutches. When he gave them to me, he said, "you aren't 4'11! Let's try 5'0"!!!!" And behold, the crutches set for a person who is five feet tall fit me perfectly.

This changes my entire world view. Evidently, I have surpassed that crucial five foot mark. Maybe it's the yoga, or maybe it was the crocs I was wearing. At any rate, I am revelling in this new component of my self-identity. Posted by Picasa


Scott said...

I definately can feel for you on the sprained ankle. I have sprained mine ALOT throughout my sporting endeavors, but actually broke my leg, and completely strained (almost tore) my tendons in my ankle from an indoor soccer game my senior year. The sprain hurt WAY worse than the break.

Best of luck in the recovery :)

Valerie said...


I'm sending you lots of healing energy to speed your recovery.

Revel away!!!! You five-footer!!!!

Congratulations! (on the height, not the sprain)
Love, Valerie

Dana said...

Yoga does stretch you out. Several of my friends gained an inch from yoga. Okay, let me correct that.

Several of my female friends gained an inch of height from yoga.

That's a nasty bruise...painful, I am sure!! Hope the sprain heals well!

Anonymous said...

I sprained my ankle quite a few years ago and like you have no exciting story for it...slipped in a parking lot. I thought it was broken too for it was bruised not only on the side like yours, but on the top of the foot too. Years after the fact, my ankle still clicks and it took about 3 months for it to be right again.

Here's to a quick and complete recovery!