Monday, September 04, 2006

RIP, Mate

I learned of Steve Irwin's death on the 4 AM news. (The radio in the bedroom usually stays on all night.) I had to get up and check several news sites for myself before I could believe that the Crocodile Hunter was gone.

We've been TV-free for 2 years now, so the Croc Hunter was no longer a part of our daily lives, but I credit Steve Irwin with curing my visceral fear of reptiles. What a sad day for Australia and for the world.

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Lida Rose said...

Hello fellow northern New Yorker

This anti-Harry Potter statement from the Pope's circle makes me see smoke too. When we bought our first HP book for my grandson the book seller told us it had been banned in South Carolina. I said, "must be a really good book then, I'll take it." So silly to be afraid of a work of fiction. Do they really think children will take on occult powers just by reading it?

I enjoyed reading a bit of your blog, and seeing your photos. I am a relative new blogger and am finding it very addictive.

Good luck to you and your family.

Lida Rose