Monday, October 02, 2006

What's worn under the kilt?

The answer to that question may well be revealed today, which is Kilt Day! (The classic answer is, of course, "Nothing is worn under the kilt. It's all in verra, verrra good condition!"

Alas, I am unable to wear my kilt today. Apparently, I was the size of a Keebler Elf when I acquired my kilt. I suspect that my 10 year old niece will soon be in possession of a lovely grey and wine-coloured kilt.

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Jenny E said...

How ironic that today on a show I was watching, kilts were the main topic. (the show was Judging Amy, which is on TNT twice in the mornings, right after ER. I have them on for background as I go thru my day. Amy was getting married, and her fiance did ALL the wedding plans. The groomsmen were NOT happy when the tux store delivered their kilts. All but one ended up wearing them, the one didn't show up, and Amy backed out of the wedding anyway.)