Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Insert exasperated sigh and eyerolling here

Hello again, my new internet friends. It looks like there's a bit of a discussion brewing in the comments section of my "Peace On Earth" posting. For some reason, the new blogger beta application won't allow me to remove the comments which I find objectionable. So let me say this: Nazi references and snarky arguments are not welcome here. If you want to indulge in that kind of rhetoric, get your own blog.

To "anonymous" who snarked: Ok. It doesn't offend you. That settles the argument. You are representative of all soldiers' wives, my response is this: I have never claimed to represent any point of view beyond my own. That's why I write in the first person, singular.

We now return to our regularly scheduled pet and photoblogging.

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DGM said...

I hope you know that my post was critical of the previous post which offered a link to a swastika stating that it was Mr. Kearns's wreath. It was a snap back at the fool who attempted to link the removal of a wreath to the death of 11 million people plus the soldiers who fought in that war.

I agree that it is ridiculous to bring nazis into the discussion, hence my post.