Sunday, November 26, 2006

Peace on earth, goodwill towards men ..

.. but not for the people who live in a 200-home subdivision in Colorado.

Linda Jensen hung a Christmas wreath with a peace symbol on her door. A few other homeowners in the subdivision complained, including some whose children are serving in Iraq. The president of the homeowner's association, Bob Kearns, ordered the Architectural Control Committee to require Ms. Jensen to remove the wreath. All five members of the committee refused. Mr. Kearns fired them. Ho ho ho, y'all.

As you know, my husband has served in Iraq. Ms. Jensen says she wasn't thinking about the war when she hung the wreath. Even if she was making a political statement with her wreath, I wouldn't take offense. I'd be grateful that someone in America diverted their attention away from American Idol and Britney Spears and Michael Richards' ridiculous rants and the lunacy of Black Friday sales long enough to notice that thousands of American military families and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi families are suffering with no end in sight.

So, Mr. Bob Kearns of Pagosa Springs, Colorado, this is for you:

Edited to add: I'm on the same page as Wil Wheaton. I'm in good company.


Anonymous said...

Ok. It doesn't offend you. That settles the argument. You are representative of all soldiers' wives.

That just isn't the case, but I do agree with you. The reason it should be allowed is that we are in America, the land of the free. It's speech that is protected by the first amendment and it's mild at that.

Furthermore, Christ is the Prince of Peace, so many Christmas cards say Peace on Earth. I suppose then that the logical response for this landlord would be to claim that saying Merry Christmas is a political statement against the war, which is therefore offensive to all the Colorado parents who apparently want their kids to be in a foriegn war.

antimnemonic said...

In case anyone is interested, here is Mr Kearns' number, so you can lean on him a little to let up on this woman: 264-4706

Anonymous said...

I heard this is HOA President Bob Kearns' christmas wreath:

DGM said...

Wow second anonymous, that's rational. He's a nazi. Sure and I suppose he's got various ethnicities trapped in ovens in that building's basement. Lay off the hyperbole.

The guy may be a jerk and one could even surmise perhaps a few fries short of a happy meal, but it cheapens the discussion to call someone a nazi, just for having a different opinion than you. The nazis did some horrific things that should never be downgraded to be equivalent to asking someone to take a wreath down and firing some employees.