Monday, December 25, 2006

This is wrong on so many levels but I think I like it anyway

Look at this tenacious little dandelion, popping out to say Merry Christmas, Jefferson County!

It wasn't a white Christmas. It was a green and yellow Christmas. I can't say that I minded, really. After the presents were opened, I enjoyed a brisk and refreshing walk with my four-legged personal trainer.

Then I hung a load of laundry outside.

And watched the chickadees as they gathered a few more sunflower seeds for their winter stash.

Soon, there will be snow. Lots and lots of it, I'm sure.

But perhaps this White Christmas business is just a little overrated.


Anonymous said...

Your camera is getting a very good workout, is it not?
keep up the good work

Valerie said...

Your photos look great!!!

Anonymous said...

It is not hard to get a chickadee to eat out of your hand. It does take patience, 1. wear the same coat and head covering each time you fill feeder. 2. Hold sunflower seed in open hand, I rest my hand on a branch. 3. Try to remain motionless. It may take three or four attempts, before they approach you, but they will eventually do so. It's mazing how feather-light they are.