Friday, December 08, 2006

Winter emergency preparations are now complete

Power to the people! After six long years of begging petitioning Nestle to make Coffee Crisp available to the people of the United States of America, the folks at have achieved success! Coffee Crisp bars are now available at Dollar Tree Stores AND from the vending machine at my husband's office AND from the vending machine at the F.X. Caprara Volkswagen Dealership on Outer Washington Street, Watertown.

AND - Jeff Dem will be pleased to learn that Coffee Crisp bars contain no trans fats.


Anonymous said...

now if we can just get the american people to wear toques, and say two-four eh!


dangerdemocrats said...

NAFTA is sometimews a beautiful thing.

Mossy Stone said...

Ah yes...the nice, light snack. Our takeover continues, one confection at a time.

First Timmy's, now this.

(Want a double-double with your Coffee Crisp??)

Rose said...

Shockingly, there aren't any Tim Horton's in the Greater Watertown area.

producesue said...

I do love your beer and your candy!