Thursday, January 25, 2007

Happy Robbie Burns Day!

I can't understand a word of his verse, and neither haggis nor scotch will be consumed here tonight. But Happy Robbie Burns Day, anyway.

Enjoy this midi of My Love's A Red, Red Rose.


Anonymous said...

I have a small, leather-bound copy of "The Complete Poetical Works of Robert Burns", with an appreciation
by Lord Rosebery, published in London in 1923. It also has a glossary which deciphers many of the words used in his poems, which are otherwise undecipherable. I would be happy to send it to you, if I could figure out how.

Anonymous said...


That there is falsehood in his looks
I must and will deny;
They say their master is a knave---
And sure they do not lie.

This epigram was given in reply to a remark made by someone that he saw "falsehood in the very look of
a certain reverend gentleman".