Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Perhaps Ben Franklin was right

Wild turkeys are magnificent, majestic beasts! A flock of about fifteen fowl strutted through the front and back yard this morning. They devoured the sunflower seeds I had just scattered, and then moved on to the bare spots of grass. Who needs a chicken tractor when there are much larger creatures willing to aerate and cultivate the lawn for free?

As we enjoyed the show, I wondered if we might be fortunate enough to see some courtship rituals. Right on cue, two toms came strutting into the yard:

Helllloooooo, Ladies!

How you doin' today?

That's right ladies, I can balance this magnificent body on one leg!

Feel free to bask in my glory. I'm here for you, baby!


Anonymous said...

There is something to be said for living in the country.


Val said...

LOL!!!!! You are hilarious!!!

The turkeys are beautiful. GREAT photos.

Hmm, the visiting animals often seem to follow your mental cues.... coincidence? Perhaps not - maybe you are communicating with them.

Rose the turkey whisperer. I can see it now. Who will play you in the movie? The sequel will be 'Opussum Whisperer'.

What if you could communicate with the animals? Perhaps that is why they are drawn to 'Rosetopia'?