Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Earth Day!

We've had a lovely day here. William and I planted a spruce sapling, and then William climbed a tree. To complete this rite of passage, my 9 year old climbed a little too high, then scraped his belly on a branch on the way back down. Ah, to be young and agile with swiftly-healing skin again!

The laundry flapped gently in the breeze while we had lunch outside. I prepared two of my raised garden beds with black gold from my very own composter, a garden weasel, and the sweat of my brow. I am hoping that the weather will continue to be mild, so I planted white onions and dill in one bed, and mixed greens and cilantro in the other. I might lose a few dollars on this wager, but I think I'll be vindicated when we're dining on lovely fresh salads well ahead of the Memorial Day weekend.

I set up our hummingbird feeders in anticipation of the return of flying emerald jewels, and sipped locally produced wine while listening to wild turkeys, woodpeckers, sparrows, chickadees, redwinged blackbirds, robins, and marsh hawks.

It saddens me when I observe that our culture has become so polarized and politicized, that any suggestion to conserve our resources is immediately rebuffed and followed by a diatribe against Al Gore. I suspect that there is a certain subset of our society who are so pigheaded, that they crank the A/C on their SUV's and drive around with the windows down, spraying Aquanet and tossing out styrofoam burger boxes, just to piss off those who warn us about climate change.

This treehugging liberal with low utility bills wonders what, exactly, are "conservatives" trying to conserve?


A. Edward said...

Tell my grandson, that the scrape on his belly is a badge of honor!

We will be planting onions & lettuce tomorrow.

Karen said...

Happy Earth Day!

DH and I are very excited because the #1 task on our list of "Things To Do" when he returns is purchase a Honda Civic Hybrid. I can't wait!