Monday, April 30, 2007

I am shocked. Shocked, I tell you!

A politician is taking responsibility for his actions, or lack thereof.

New Jersey Governor Corzine has asked for forgiveness from his constituents regarding the injuries sustained in a car accident earlier this month - injuries which probably would have been much less severe had he been wearing his seatbelt.

Governor Corzine is also paying his own hospital bill, rather than leaving it to the taxpayers of New Jersey.

Perhaps Don Imus should toss in a few bucks. After all, the Governor was on his way to a meeting between Imus and the Rutgers' Basketball Team, trying to calm the furor over three stupid words.

May you have a speedy and complete recovery, Mr. Corzine.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps our politicans here in Canada, might take a page from the Governor book and be more responsible for their actions