Sunday, November 25, 2007

It needs to be said ...

... shamelessly lifted from the Globe and Mail ...

There's an excellent essay in yesterday's Globe and Mail. Robert Dreyfuss outlines, in logical and succinct terms, the reasons for a US withdrawal from Iraq in a timely fashion.

I am far from an expert on Iraq, but I do have a more intense interest in the subject than, let's say the average American with no military connection who cares more about American Idol and Britney's dramas does. I will freely admit that my opposition to the continued occupation of Iraq is based more on emotion than on anything else. Call me crazy, but I think that exit strategies are rather useful. What gives me pause is the thought that a withdrawal would be a betrayal to those who have already died in this war. A few months ago, I asked a young Army officer about his thoughts on the subject. Cory had already served a full tour in Iraq with my husband, and he was in the midst of preparing for his next deployment to the desert. His answer was eloquent and articulate. He said that we are a Logic-Based Society, and as such, our nation merely needed to define what victory looks like, declare victory, and leave. It sounds logical to me.

A few weeks later, Cory dropped by with something for my husband. I could barely maintain eye contact through my thick layer of tears, knowing that he would be leaving soon. I wanted to hide him in the trunk of my car and take him far away, to a place where that brilliant mind would be safe.

It's time for all of them to come home.

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Well said.