Sunday, November 04, 2007

Step into my parlour ...

Was there a full moon this weekend?

It feels like there was a full moon, because I got just a little bit manic with a gallon of "Victorian Garnet."

Actually, it started with the curtains. Several weeks ago, I came across the velvet/tapestry panels in the clearance aisle at the Super-Walmart.

Then, I procrastinated, because I needed to take down the old window treatments and put up new double rods. And they had to be just the right double rods, which eluded me for weeks.

When I found the perfect double rods, I continued to procrastinate. I had mounted the old valences with Robertson screws, and I couldn't find my Robertson screwdriver.

Eventually, I broke down, went to the Super-Walmart, and bought a new Robertson screwdriver. And, there in the Ooops! Mistint! section of the hardware/paint department, was a quart of Victorian Garnet.

Hmmmmmm, I thought. Pretty. Would look amazing on the old textured wallpaper on the south side of the living room. But I kept on walking, right past that lonely little quart of paint. I did not have the time for extensive redecorating.

Victorian Garnet had a different idea. She kept haunting me, taunting me, beckoning me.

Finally, I surrendered, and came home with a gallon of Kilz, custom tinted to match Victorian Garnet.

'Tis no longer a living room, but a cozy parlour. I am delighted with the results.

Would you care for a cup of Earl Grey?


Anonymous said...

Just milk, no sugar , thanks

(sugar is not our friend)


Anonymous said...

very impressive looking work my sister

-- some dude in mississauga

Anonymous said...

Nice looking job. Now, will you take a rest before you suffer combat stress!