Sunday, December 16, 2007

Quote of the day

You know, honey, most people don't put up new birdfeeders in the middle of a blizzard.

One would think that after thirteen years, my husband would understand my quirky logic. I was already bundled up for shoveling, I wanted to get the pole and feeder mounted before the snow got too deep, and my birdies were hungry!

There had been a flurry of activity at the feeders this morning. Clearly, the birds knew that they needed to build up their energy reserves for the pending storm. Chickadee after chickadee flitted up to the sunflower buffet at the window, to my delight and to the consternation of the cats. The blue jays pecked away at the suet bars. The mourning doves gathered the seeds which had scattered on the snow.

And then .. he arrived. A brilliant male cardinal, the first I've spotted this winter. I'm going to call him Eric.

Obviously, the new feeder had to go up immediately. What's not to understand?


Anonymous said...

The apple does not fall very far from the tree!
We had cardinals Mr & Mrs at our feeders today. Mr. fed up off the ground just outside the white house while Mrs fed on the ground. Must clean & fill feeders tomorrow; not that they did not get swept off today. We have also had a juvenile of each gender visit, but not today.

On the lake, there were 50 swans a swimmin".


Anonymous said...

We keep a plexiglas feeder
attached to a kitchen window with suction cups.
Inside the kitchen at the same window, on a padded shelf sits our very elderly cat (20 yrs). The birds ignore him, and he makes a
constant 'chittering' sound that is never heard unless
a bird is in the feeder.

Val said...

I also think that after 13 years hubby would understand your quirky logic.

It makes complete sense to me. And I'm sure it made sense to the birds!