Friday, August 29, 2008

Better to be silent and let people think you're a fool ..

.. than to open your mouth and erase all doubts.

A few years ago, Jan Wong of The Globe and Mail went "undercover" as a maid in Toronto to gain first-hand experience as a minimum-wage worker in Toronto.

She described the mess left for her by one "nouveau riche" family, including the nastiness that was the child's bathroom, and speculated on the correlation between the slovenliness of the patriarch and the large waistband of the underwear which she was required to iron for him. The family was never identified in the article.

The family, however, recognized themselves, and are now suing Jan Wong and The Globe and Mail. They are claiming "significant embarrassment and mental distress" and seem to think that $50K will be an appropriate salve for their wounds.

It seems to me that they just confirmed their sloth and stupidity to the world.

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