Thursday, June 15, 2006

When nostalgia hurts

From time to time, I like to read the online version of my hometown newspaper.

Unfortunately, my internet rounds this morning constituted such a time.

I say "unfortunately" because the news from my hometown is particularly disturbing today.

A high school classmate - a hometown boy who made good, a nice guy who finished first, a good kid who by all accounts went on to become a good man and a great teacher - has been charged with sexual exploitation and luring a child through the internet. A publication ban, imposed by the Justice of the Peace who granted bail to this man, precludes any understanding of just what the hell that means.

I want to believe that he is innocent. I want to believe that this is a horrible misunderstanding. I want to believe in my own abilities as a judge of character.

And at this moment, I want a martini to wash away all thoughts that I could be wrong.

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