Monday, February 12, 2007

All I can say is,

Thank God we installed a Reverse Osmosis system for our well water.

Fuel spill at Fort Drum shuts down their freshwater wells.

The quote that scares the shit out of me:

Fort Drum officials said they didn't know the full extent of the leak--it could be a couple thousand gallons of fuel or hundreds of thousands of gallons.

Nobody knows exactly where the spill has moved because the earth below is sand, which lets fuel move through it.

Excuse me whilst I choke on my tea here. Has it occured to the powers that be on Fort Drum that other freshwater wells which draw upon the same aquifer might be affected?

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Anonymous said...

Thank good common sense, and your acuity to the fact that you have a reverse osmosis system, snd also thank goodness that the price has come down from what it was 30 years ago!No wonder Ft. Drum asked for potable water from Watertown. Hope they got it. I'm 1500 miles away so haven't heard yet.