Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Coming soon to irritate and annoy me

Looks like a new "retail and entertainment center" is in the works for our little neck of the woods.

According to Newzjunky, the proposed development may include a "hotel, car dealership, gas station, restaurants, 12-screen movie theater, bowling alley, and storage units."

With the continued expansion of Fort Drum, I suppose this was inevitable. But .. blech!*

The view from my office window, soon to be filled in with hustle, bustle, traffic, and trash from annoying people who cannot seem to find the garbage cans after they leave the theatre.

*Unless, of course, they're putting a Tim Horton's in this development. Then I'm all in favour of it!


Anonymous said...

They call this 'progress'! You have all my sympathy.KMC

Anonymous said...

Where is that development going in? Rte 11 south of the 342? TOG

Rose said...

342, between Bush Road and Calcium Primary School.

Anonymous said...

So when are the strip clubs moving in!??

Just kidding.

Sorry for being so anti-social--see you all in about 4 monts!