Tuesday, August 28, 2007

On the trail

I consider the Calcium Nature Trail to be an integral part of our homeschooling adventure. We always see a wonderful assortment of flora and fauna, and I invariably learn something from my junior entomologist.

Today's observations included:

Big fat frogs, on the opposite shore from ..

.. their predator, the Great Blue Heron.

The peaceful cohabitation of the Great Blue Heron with some ducks and turtles.

By my count, there are six ducks and ten turtles hanging out on this log in the middle of the pond.

And the jewel in today's nature crown, the praying mantis. My sharp-eyed son spotted this bad boy near the gazebo at the half-way mark of the trail.


Val said...

Wow!! What a cool picture of the praying mantis!!! I learned something today, too - that you can find praying mantises/mantes in your neck of the woods. I also learned the plural form of mantis.

Thanks for the education, Mom and Son!!

Valerie said...

hi Rose

I'm at the Apple store in Salem,NH

I'm sending this to you from a iPhone

I love you!!!