Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Molon Labe*

Aiie, aiee, aiie! It seems as though everybody and their dog has something to say about Crocs these days. Some hospitals have banned them. Others say they're okay. The geniuses at Crocs have responded to criticism by creating the Specialist model, which are the latest addition to my collection. They're the white ones in the middle of the picture, designed specifically for health care workers, and they're even more heavenly to wear than the Caymans. Of course, the Crocs company had me at hello - from the moment I put on my first pair, I was hooked. It's a good thing that my union membership gets me a 25% discount!

They can have my Crocs when they slip them off my cold, dead, yet uncalloused feet.

*My husband suggested the title for this post. It's Ancient Greek for come and take them. Those are his dark blue Crocs next to my Crocs Georgie boots.


shaun said...

Hi Rose! I did not see any Mary Jane-style Crocs among your collection. May I say, they are very cute -- I'm wearing some light green ones right now. My girlfriend bought 2 pairs of Crocs thongs (aka flip-flops) for her move to equatorial India, and she loves them. Just in case you need to diversify a little.

Anonymous said...

JP loves crocs. If he saw your collection he would snag them all! He has 2 pairs of his own in the baby size!


Valerie said...

I Love the Crocs, too!!

I agree with everyone having something to say about Crocs. For the detractors, I pull out the 'my podiatrist recommended them for my arch problem and I haven't had any pain since' spiel, and that usually ends that conversation.

Great title, hubby!!

Love ya!!