Friday, October 19, 2007

Call for action

I'm actually finding myself at a loss for words right now. When the SCHIP legislation was vetoed, the Commander in Chief hurt more than our nation's children. The war pig president spat in the face of every family member of every wounded troop in this nation. Included in the now-defunct SCHIP bill were provisions to expand FMLA for family members taking care of severely injured soldiers, and to extend one year of employment discrimination protection to them.

Heckuva job, Georgie.


shaun said...

Rose you are so delightfully feisty on your blog!

(And the images say so much.)

I am tagging you (see my blog) -- you can count your feistiness as one of your eight things.

Patti said...

Makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

One of the slimier aspects of American politics is, for congressional leaders to place attachments to legislation that don't belong, in the hope that it passes on the coat tails of the popular piece of legislation.

The truth is, the Democrats tried to increase spending on the bill 140% and include income categories that might tempt people to drop their private insurance for the free government insurance and lead us toward national health insurance.

This act up for reauthorization, was for children only, and the Dems tried to add others that shouldn't be included at least on that bill.

The veto was promised back in August, unless the Dems wanted to sit down and compromise. They chose not to. The blame belongs in the House of Representatives. Not in the White House.

There is no way a 140% increase in spending could be financed through (.61/pkg.) a smoking tax, while smoking is declining, and I don't relish the Democrats dipping into my hard earned dollars to finance their fiscal irresponsibility.