Thursday, February 07, 2008


To: General Eric Schoomaker, Army Surgeon General
CC: All the other perfumed princes and princesses of Army MEDDAC system
Subject: Stop Lying

Last week, NPR ran a story which discussed the frustrations that soldiers who are going through the Medical Evaluation Board and/or Physical Evaluation Board are facing. Specifically, NPR asserted that Army officials at Fort Drum had forbidden the folks at the VA from helping soldiers with their paperwork.

The Army, unsurprisingly, issued a flat denial of these assertions.

NPR, may they be touched by the FSM's noodly appendage, has come across a four page oocument which substantiates their original claim.

So, to whom it may concern: I humbly ask that you stop lying, stop trying to cover your asses, get off said asses, and take care of your soldiers.

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Patti said...

I wish they'd get right on this, but alas, they are too busy trying to make us believe that black is white.