Thursday, January 31, 2008

Et tu, CBC?

I was listening to CBC Radio One before I got out of bed, and heard the news of Ms. Britney Spears' latest trip to a health care facility.

First off - I hope that Ms. Britney finally gets the help that she so desperately needs. I hope that the interventions and/or high-potency pharmaceuticals that she will receive are effective. And I hope that their efficacy is not immediately negated by the psychotic paparazzi the minute she goes back home.

But .. oh, you silly people at the CBC! Have you forgotten that you are the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation? If I wanted slime in my morning coffee, I'd watch Fox News or listen to Howard Stern.


Anonymous said...

Just be thankful you do not have CJBQ on your radio. Stuck out here in the boonies, we do not have many choices on the radio. However,there are very few programmes on CBC that I will listen to.CBC is set to go off after the 9 am news, sometimes it is still off until 5:30 the next morning .


Anonymous said...

Email CBC with your thoughts. It will help get it off your chest! US media will carry this crap to divert citizens' attention away from the real issues in an election year.