Friday, September 05, 2008

And now for my daily moment of DUH!

For most of the five years that we've had Chocolate the Wundermutt, she has travelled in the crate in the back hatch of our Subaru/Saturn/Jetta wagon. This has generally worked well, resulting in only a few short whiny/excited periods on our long trips. Obviously, this mode of transportation is not an option in our Mini Cooper. When we took our first long trip in the Mini, I had anticipated a whiny ride. I was pleasantly surprised - shocked, even - when Chocolate settled right in on the back seat next to William and remained calm for the entire time.

It took me a while to process this new information, but then I had to smack my forehead with a "well, DUH, Rosie!" Chocolate is part Aussie Shepherd. Her instinct is to herd her sheep, and when the sheep aren't available, she likes to round up her people. That task is easily achieved when we're all sitting within 2 feet of her.

It's taken five years, but she's getting me trained after all.

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