Monday, September 29, 2008

The Zoo, Part Two

My son and I took another trip to the National Zoo today. We enjoyed all of the pavillions, and were able to see some of the animals who weren't out the first time around.

The Red Panda has pulled itself out of its despondent state regarding the financial mess our country is facing, and has returned to its regularly scheduled nomming of leaves.

The Prairie Dog, on the other hand, is still pissed about this turn of events.

The turtles are having a lively conference about their options. It's a good thing that their mortgages are already paid off. No shell games for them. No sirree!

These Californians are managing their stress though some yoga. Behold the Upward Facing Sea Lion.

The Cheetah is worried about the ripple effects on the already staggering price of fresh meat.

The Golden Lion Tamarin just coasted through school on his good looks. He charmed his way through Economics 101, and has no idea what's really going on.

The frog is staying in bed with the covers - or in this case, the lily pad leaf - pulled over his head.

The Gorilla saw the crisis coming long ago, and has its affairs in order already.

And the Orang Utan was the one who told the Gorilla that the economic poop was going to hit the fan. But no-one ever listens to the Orang Utan, except the Gorilla.

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~Val~ said...

LM*O!! You are hilarious!! I love the animals' perspectives on the current state of affairs. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.