Tuesday, November 01, 2005

'Twas not this blogger

I see that I just had a whole slew of visitors from the army.mil domain, logging in from Fort Drum via Newzjunky. Hi there, welcome, would you like some coffee?

I have a hunch that they were looking for the authoress of the now-defunct Alpha Company xyz lockdown whatever whatever blog. Sorry, she is not me. I did have a chance to peruse that particular blog before it went dark. It was a rather interesting read, to say the least. That particular blogger was writing, in real time, about a particular episode of disciplinary action on an infantry company, how it impacted her family, and how she felt about it. The comments got rather incendiary, but that's par for the course when a commander makes a controversial decision. I've heard much worse in line at the commissary. The only difference is that the words were written, not spoken. One would hope that the commander who is willing to make tough calls (in accordance with the Uniform Code of Military Justice, of course) would also have a thick enough skin to deal with the fallout. Or a good supply of asbestos underwear.

It raises an interesting question. Is there a difference between venting while standing in line at the commissary, and venting on a blog? Assuming that there is no breach of operation security, if a blog documents "this is what I perceive to be happening and this is how I feel about it" .. what repercussions can there be? Is the blogger responsible for the comments left on her blog?

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