Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Mot du jour: porc-épic

My son and I took another glorious hike at Wellesley Island State Park today. While we were stopped to observe this little fellow:

another group of hikers came along the trial. It turns out, they're from France! We learned that the French word from porcupine is porc-épic.

My little Eagle-Eyed Scout, as he now calls himself, spotted this Pileated Woodpecker, much to my delight.

I probably would have missed the Pileated Woodpecker altogether, as I was focussed on this pair of Canada Geese.

The Eagle-Eyed Scout was particularly interested in the work of the beavers. Those little rodents have been, well, busy! We saw many chewed-down trunks, and when we finally came upon their dam, it was apparent that it was a masterful piece of engineering.

Mother Nature presents her beauty in the smallest of things.

Happy Spring!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures and lessons

~Val~ said...

Yes, it seems like it was a very educational day, and your photos are great!!