Sunday, May 04, 2008

Non-sequitor of the day

Observed in the parking lot of the Commissary at Fort Drum this morning:

A big black SUV with one of those Christian Fish symbols.

(Okay, that's completely normal around here.)

Above the fish was one of those nasty stickers of the little boy peeing on a number. In this case, I believe it was #24, whoever that is.

I'm no longer a devout or even a practicing Catholic, but I'm pretty sure that Jesus wouldn't like those contemporary mannikin pis stickers.

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Jenny said...

I think it's Jeff Gordon. But that doesn't seem like a Christian thing to do regarding the stickers. I can't stand those kinds of stickers AT ALL. I wouldn't even have one with a kid peeing on a Chevy symbol (and I really don't like Chevy. Or Dodge).