Thursday, May 15, 2008

The sweetness of spring

The lilacs are ridiculously lush this year. I spent the vast majority of the day yesterday, working in my veggie garden and getting high off of the fragrance of the lilacs. Lilac day is officially here. Stop whatever you are doing, and revel in the beauty of spring.

This is the first year that this flowering shrub has bloomed. Is it cherry? Apple? I have no idea. I didn't put it there, but I thank the bird who did!

I'm not exactly sure what this is, either. Time to consult some botany texts, eh?

I think this is honeysuckle. Seriously, I need a botany text.

This oriole was singing his little heart out while I was taking pictures of the flowering shrubs.

He makes me happy. We shall call him Sam.


heidi said...

rose - i think that pink one was a honeysuckle....i had some down the side of the driveway for a few years. I agree with the intoxicating aroma of the lilacs, they're my favorite!

Val said...

Awesome!!!! I wish I was there to celebrate Lilac Day with you!! Great photos!!

Although you say you need help with your botany, you definitely are very knowledgeable about ornithology. And many, many other things!! :)

Jenny said...

The pink looked like honeysuckle before it opens up. But the photo below it did not look like honeysuckle.

My lilacs didn't bloom this year. :o( Too dry a winter I guess.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Val and Heidi about the pink honeysuckle. There are so many different varieties of it.
You take such beautiful picutures of flowers and birds. You should start a portfolio and submit to ... I don't know ... some fancy magazines. Or publish a book of Jefferson County Birds and Botany.