Thursday, July 15, 2004

I begin my vigil

Fans Speak Up for Stewart (

Tomorrow, Martha Stewart will be sentenced. I am now sorry that I did not write to Judge Cedarbaum myself to plead for leniency and sanity. I just didn't believe - still cannot believe - that this nightmare could happen.

What purpose will be served if Martha is incarcerated? How will it make society safer? How much has this ridiculous witch hunt trial cost the American taxpayer already? How much more will it cost to imprison her and keep her safe while incarcerated?

Martha was never charged with, let alone convicted for, insider trading. Tomorrow's sentencing will relate to conspiracy, obstruction, and lying to federal investigators.

Hmm, lying. Like the lies told by the juror who wanted to insinuate himself into that courtroom and take down a giant like Martha? Like the lies told by the expert witness when he testified that he, himself, studied the ink on Baconavic's notes?

I guess it's okay to lie to the United Nations (cough cough Colin Powell) or to the American People (cough cough Rummycheneybushrice). After all, those lies only resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians and over a thousand coalition troops .. and counting.

But God help the successful Blonde Democrat who sets a beautiful table. God help us all.

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