Monday, July 19, 2004

Innocent until proven guilty, BUT help me out with the math here

APP.COM - Howell man held in Brick teen's slaying

Prayers for Brittney and her family. What a nightmare.

Some very disturbing "stats" about the acccused:

In May 2000, Fuller was sentenced in state Superior Court, Toms River, to five years in state prison for theft and receiving stolen property. Four months later, he received another five-year sentence for burglary, theft and receiving stolen property, stemming from charges in Monmouth County.

After violating probation in December 2002, Fuller was returned to prison. He was released from Bayside State Prison in Cumberland County in April 2003.

Why was this man out of prison? He served no more than 18 months for the theft and stolen property charges ( out of 2, five year sentences), then violated probation and spent another 4 months or so as a guest of the state. Somebody has some explaining to do.

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