Thursday, July 15, 2004

If this doesn't raise your blood pressure ...

Hack's column cuts straight to the heart of the matter again.

This is shocking. Hack writes:

How many times have you heard me blast the Pentagon for not providing the right stuff for our guys and gals doing the death dance on our behalf around the world? But our warriors are still operating with insufficient top-quality armored vests, the wrong unarmored vehicles and not enough ammo; and they're still saddled with the limp Beretta pistol and the worst rifle – the M-16 – ever issued to an American GI since George Washington kicked out the Brits.

And now, the latest from reliable sources in Iraq is that the new Iraqi army is being issued 13,500 Glock pistols – one of the finest pistols in the world – almost a million rounds of ammo, 900 new vehicles, 50,000 of the latest and best armored vests going and top-of-the-line submachine guns. We’re already spent a billion bucks on the Iraqi army, and there's $2.4 billion more in the pipeline.

Former paratrooper Marshall Waters says, “It seems all the things our troops have been missing and literally dying over are there for the asking for the Iraqi forces.”

Meanwhile, the regime charging our kids for the flicks is blowing up Iraqi arsenals filled with ammo, weapons and gear. “Why not give those weapons and ammo to the new Iraqi army?” asks Waters, “and spend the $2.4 billion on stuff for our guys?”

We've already spent a billion bucks outfitting the Iraqi army, and that's just the tip of the iceburg?

Hey Neocons! That doesn't seem very conservative to me.

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