Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Don't make me go cold turkey!!

I am addicted to Scrabulous, the hugely popular Facebook application. My cousin and I usually have at least two games on the go at any given time, and we make several plays on each board every day.

Alas, Scrabulous may become a victim of its own success. Hasbro, which owns the US and Canadian rights to the real Scrabble game, wants Facebook to remove Scrabulous, citing copyright infringement.

"Poo" is an allowable word on Scrabulous, and I say poo-poo to Hasbro!

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Val said...

I say 'poo-poo', too!! I can't go cold turkey, either!!

Last night there seemed to be some problems with the game, and to say I was agitated because of not being able to play would not be an overstatement.