Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I have an Ow-Wii

Last night, I finally had a chance to play on the Wii.

I totally don't get what I'm supposed to be doing in Lego Star Wars, despite my 10 year old son's admonition that "it's quite simple, really."

Wii Sports was more to my liking. I spent 2 hours bowling, boxing, and golfing with the kiddo last night. I was quite surprised, and a little disturbed, to discover just how much I enjoy pounding the snot out of the virtual heavy bag.

I'm paying for it today. My right deltoid and my left gluteus medius and latissimus dorsi are squawking at me now. Is it too late to get a patent on the term Ow-Wii?


Jenny said...

How cool!!!! I'm betting in another year or so I will succomb to the Wii.

And Legos Star Wars IS quite easy, actually. I've beaten both the orginal trilogy and the new ones (it's 2 different games on PS2, but think it's all in one on the Wii version?). Too much fun!

Santa brought us Guitar Hero III, and it's also WAY too much fun!!

Val said...

"Ow-Wii" - great phrase!! Better than "Wii Bowler's Butt" LOL!!

I am currently playing my way through Super Mario Bros. Galaxy on my Wii and I'm loving it!!

Enjoy your Wii!!