Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Something new for my CV

Last night, my friend Ms. R. called for some advice about Biff, her elderly hound. Poor old Biff has been having some .. ahem .. intestinal issues. Long story short .. I changed out of my jammies and back into clothes, gathered up some glycerin suppositories, gloves, and sterile lubricant, and drove up to Ms. R's house. As per the note left for me today - I take the Biffster for a little walk 5 mornings a week - my efforts were not in vain.

Rose: Army Wife. Homeschooling Momma. Registered Nurse. Dis-impacter of dogs. Makes housecalls. Try to top that, Cesar Milan!

1 comment:

Val said...

On behalf of Biff I say to you: "Thank you and YAHOO!!!!"

Great story!! Thanks for...ahem...sharing.

That's quite an interesting CV you've got!!